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Before Using: Be sure to read the description of the box. Please keep it in a safe place.


Active Ingredients (1 gm)

Vitamin E acetic acid ester...2 mg

Glycyrrhetinic acid...2 mg dl

Camphor... 8 mg

Glycerin... 0.4 gm

Steroids are not formulated in this drug


As additives:

Vitamin B2

Polysorbate 80

Self-emulsifying glyceryl stearate

hard fat

Stearic acid


Edetate Sodium

Isocavir myristate


Stearyl Alcohol

Hyaluronic Acid NA

Vitamin C


Usage: After cleansing affected area, apply several times during the day


Do not use if:

-Currently being treated by a physician

-If you have allergies to any of the ingredients


Cautions on Storage:

-Store in a place out of reach of children

-Avoid direct sunlight

-Keep cap tightly closed at all times

-Keep in a cool place as much as possible

-Do not change container


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