Shiro Waki Hime is an exfoliating treatment for the underarms. It has peeling, moisturizing and foundation effects, which means it peels away the dirt and makes your armpits look flawless and bright at the same time! Don't worry, the peeling is not hurtful or painful at all.

How it works:
-Absorbs dirt by clay component-Peels dead skin by fruit acid
-Brightens skin with white coating by titanium oxide
-Moisturizes with 6 kinds of Hyaluronic acid + Squalene

Directions:Make sure to cleanse the skin first.Apply small amount (bean size) over the armpits.After leaving it for 10 seconds, gently massage for 20 seconds. (Do not rub by force)Once it comes off, remove it away.In short: Apply the cream and just rub gently!

Name: Shiro Waki Hime (White Princess)
Country of Origin: Japan
Main Ingredients: Titanium Oxide (Whitening effect), Hyaluronic acid (high moisturizing ingredient), Squalane (sebaceous component made by the body)
Size: 18g (

Shiro Waki Hime Underarm Peeling Cream


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