310 grams (10gm x 31 pcs)

Placenta Extract conversion: 132,000 mg (powder conversion/ 3,300 mg)

Vitamin C 465 mg
Collagen 6,600 mg
Elastin 220 mg
Proteoglycan 13 mg
Swallow’s nest extract 111 mg
Mangosteen extract 111 mg

Placenta helps fight aging such as drying of skin, sagging, fine lines, dark spots due to sun damage. It also helps whiten the complexion for a fairer, younger looking skin as it makes the skin supple and resilient.

Individually packed portions of jelly are convenient and easy to eat. If you don't like taking tablets or powder forms of supplements this one is for you. This placenta and beauty diet supplement is safe and diet-friendly.

Refrigerate before consumption. Take 1 jelly stick at any time of the day with meals or without meals. One box has 31 jelly sticks.

Otsuka Placenta C Jelly (Mango Flavor)


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