Fracora HMB & Proteoglycan tablets

1 bag 90 tablets (3 tablets per day)

Ingredients: Proteoglycan, Calcium HMB 600 mg, Vit B1, 0.35mg Vit B2 0.35 mg Vit B6 1 mg Niacin 3.6mg, Pantothenic acid 1.8 mg, Ornithine 5 mg, Valine 1.25 mg, Leucine 2.5 mg, Isoleucine 1.25 mg, Glutamine 5 mg

Also contains birds nest extract, black pepper extract

Proteoglycan generates support for collagen and hyaluronic acid.m and has an excellent water-holding capacity. This supplement contains a combination of Proteoglycan and HMB that aids in muscle support and lifting the skin. This is for people who feel that they are tired-looking, concerned with preventing fine lines and want to have a firmer and younger looking face.

Fracora Lift'est Proteoglycan Tablets


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